Appendix A Notation and Acronyms

This appendix outlines most of the notation that is used in this book. Some symbols, when they are only used within a particular section, are not listed here but are defined where used. Generally, we have tried to use notation that is most commonly used in the statistical literature. In some cases we needed to use the same symbol for more than one purpose. These are explained in the following list, and in such usage we have been careful to make sure that the meaning of the notation is clear from the context of the usage.

Notation for probability distribution cdfs and quantiles is given in the following list when such notation is widely used in the book chapters (e.g., pnorm and qnorm refer, respectively, to the normal distribution cdf and quantile function). Technical details about these and other distributions are given in Appendix C and summarized in Table C.1.

* Used to indicate a bootstrap sample value (e.g., is a bootstrap estimate of θ computed from the jth bootstrap sample). Also, in Bayesian inferences, it is used to indicate a sample draw from a posterior distribution.
Indicates planning value for a parameter; used in choosing an appropriate sample size (e.g., is used in computing a sample size when σ is unknown).
Indicates ...

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