See Appendix A for a listing of notation. Page numbers for some of the terms listed in Appendix A can be found in this subject Index. Particular data sets and applications are listed under Examples, indicating the first occurrence of an application within a chapter. A listing of probability distributions is given under Probability distributions, distribution name. For pages giving technical information and applications of the more important probability distributions, look under the probability distribution name (e.g., Weibull, applications). When there are more than a few page references for an entry and if the first listed page(s) are not the most appropriate for general first purposes, the suggested page number is set in bold. Instead of an Author index, page numbers are given at the end of each references, pointing to the page(s) where the reference is cited.

  • Absolute sample size, 15
  • Acceleration constant, 256
  • Analysis of variance (ANOVA), 372373
  • Analytic study, 58, 1113, 1719
  • Approximate statistical interval or bound, 59, 101, 128, 268, 271, 273, 277278, 403, 469471
  • Assignable cause of variation, 11
  • Assumptions
    • analytic study, 7, 1113
    • enumerative study, 811
    • enumerative versus analytic study, 67
    • normal distribution, 19, 38, 5961
    • practical, 45, 1718
    • random sample, 34, 811
    • representative data, 45
    • sample data, 35, 11
    • sample size
    • binomial distribution, 101
    • finite population, ...

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