Preface to Second Edition


The first edition of Statistical Intervals was published twenty-five years ago. We believe the book successfully met its goal of providing a comprehensive overview of statistical intervals for practitioners and statisticians and we have received much positive feedback. Despite, and perhaps because of this, there were compelling reasons for a second edition. In developing this second edition, Bill Meeker and Gerry Hahn have been most fortunate to have a highly qualified colleague, Luis Escobar, join them.

The new edition aims to:

  • Improve or expand on various previously presented statistical intervals, using methods developed since the first edition was published.
  • Provide general methods for constructing statistical intervals—some of which have recently been developed or refined—for important situations beyond those previously considered.
  • Provide a webpage that gives up-to-date information about available software for calculating statistical intervals, as well as other important up-to-date information.
  • Provide, via technical appendices, some of the theory underlying the intervals presented in this book.

In addition to updating the original chapters, this new edition includes new chapters on

  • Likelihood-based statistical intervals (Chapter 12).
  • Nonparametric bootstrap statistical intervals (Chapter 13).
  • Parametric bootstrap and other simulation-based statistical intervals (Chapter 14).
  • An introduction to Bayesian statistical intervals (Chapter ...

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