Note: Page numbers followed by “b”, “f” and “t” indicate boxes, figures and tables respectively

Adolescents, 69–70
See also Children
Internet search behaviors, 57–58
participants, 58
recruitment, 63–64
Affective Benefits and Costs of Communication Technologies (ABCCT), 240–241, 243
Always-on video connection, 140, 141f
Anonymity, 128–129
Authenticity, 28–29
Autobiographical design in home, 135–136
attributes, 138–139
“dogfooding”, 138–139
ethnography, 135–136
ethnomethodology, 135–136
Family Window, 139–151
research method, 139
Behavioral changes, 108–109
Bereaved Families of Ontario (BFO), 221
deployment study, 224
interview questions, 225f
organizational tenets, 223–224
participants grouping, 224
secondary analysis of interview, 225
Bereaved parents (BP), ...

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