Using an eBook

If you are reading this book on a eReader, reading the code may be tricky at times. Longer lines of code may wrap to a second line, depending on your selected font size.

The longest lines of code in this book are 86 monospace characters, like this one.

l​e​t​ ​f​r​i​e​n​d​s​ ​=​ ​[​"​A​r​t​i​"​,​ ​"​B​r​i​a​n​"​,​ ​"​C​a​r​r​i​e​"​,​ ​"​D​a​n​i​e​l​l​e​"​,​ ​"​D​a​v​e​"​,​ ​"​D​r​e​w​"​,​ ​"​J​o​h​n​"​,​ ​"​S​c​o​t​t​"​]​

You can play with your eReader’s settings to find the best for viewing long code lines.

If you are reading on an iPad with iBooks, we recommend you go to the Settings app, select iBooks, and set Full Justification OFF and Auto-hyphenation OFF.

When you get to the point where you are actually typing ...

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