Live migrating virtual machines

Live migration (LM) is a feature that saw a huge improvement back in the VMM 2012 SP1 version due to the following Windows Server 2012/R2 capabilities:

  • Live migration between two isolated Hyper-V servers (with no shared storage).
  • Live migration within cluster nodes.
  • Live migration between the nodes of two different clusters.
  • Live storage migration, where you can migrate the VM files (for example, VHD/VHDX, ISO, and VFD files) to update the physical storage or address bottlenecks in storage performance. Storage can be added to either an isolated Hyper-V host or a Hyper-V cluster, and then, the VMs can be live-migrated (moved) to the new storage.
  • Live VSM, where you can use live system migration (VSM) to migrate both the ...

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