Take Control of Numbers, 3rd Edition

Book description

Work quickly, confidently, and effectively in Apple’s Numbers app!
Version 3.0, published September 23, 2021

Work quickly, confidently, and effectively in Numbers 11 with Sharon Zardetto’s detailed instructions. Input, calculate, sort, filter, format, and chart your data with ease as you learn not just the basics but also special tricks and power-user features.

There are many benefits to using Apple’s Numbers app, which is free for all Mac users. If you’ve ever wanted to add to your knowledge of Numbers—whether you’re new to spreadsheet programs in general, new to Numbers, or simply new to this latest version of Numbers—this book gives you detailed information about how to get the most out of this powerful app.

Following the advice of author Sharon Zardetto, you’ll learn how to input, calculate, sort, filter, format, and chart your data with ease. Taking you from the basics, all the way through complex formulas, charting, and other power-user features, this book will expand your understanding of what Numbers can do.

This book will show you how to:

  • Get started with Numbers: Learn about Numbers’ terminology and interface, sheets and templates, table basics, and cell basics. For those new to spreadsheets, learn about the anatomy of a table and data entry basics. For those new to Numbers, but comfortable with spreadsheets, learn about working with sheets and tabs, the template chooser, and pop-up and contextual table menus.
  • Work more efficiently: Customize your environment, utilize built-in and custom templates, speed up your work with autocomplete, autofill, and text substitution, make custom templates, use table styles, paragraph styles, and define a default text box.
  • Use formulas and functions: Find out about formula-building basics, cell references, and functions and arguments. Explore the formula editor and the Function Browser, and use quick calculation tokens.
  • Polish your formatting: Explore your formatting options, standardize the look of components in tables and sheets with styles, use rulers and ruler guides, add graphical elements (shapes and text boxes), and use color controls for everything from text to cell borders to shapes.
  • Visualize data with charts: Learn the basics of chart parts and terminology, how to choose the right chart, how to create a chart, and how to work with 3D charts and interactive charts.
  • Work with other people: Share, collaborate, and add comments to your work with other Numbers users. Find out how to import, export, and share files when others are not using Numbers.

Table of contents

  1. Read Me First
    1. Updates and More
    2. What’s New in the Third Edition
  2. Introduction
  3. Numbers Quick Start
  4. About Numbers
  5. Learn Terminology and the Interface
    1. Tables and Sheets
    2. The Sidebar and Inspectors
    3. Customize Your Environment
    4. Global Features
  6. Work with Sheets and Templates
    1. Colorize a Sheet
    2. Manage Sheets and Sheet Tabs
    3. Use Built-In and Custom Templates
  7. Learn Table Basics
    1. Learn Table Anatomy
    2. Recognize Table States
    3. Create and Control Tables
    4. Use Pop-Up and Contextual Table Menus
    5. Title and Caption Tables
    6. Manipulate Rows and Columns
  8. Master Cell Basics
    1. Cell Referencing
    2. Select Cells
    3. Move Between Cells
    4. Move Within a Block of Cells
    5. Move a Cell or Its Data
    6. Merge and Unmerge Cells
  9. Use Table Formats and Styles
    1. Apply Table Formats
    2. Use Table Styles
    3. Reorganize Styles
  10. Learn About Cell Formats
    1. Apply Basic Cell Formats
    2. Use Conditional Highlighting
  11. Control Data Input
    1. Learn Data Entry Basics
    2. Understand Automatic Data Formats
    3. Control Text Wrap in Cells
    4. Speed Data Entry with Autocomplete
    5. Speed Data Entry with Autofill
    6. Explore Copy and Paste Options
  12. Learn About Data Formats
    1. Review Standard Data Formats
    2. Create a Custom Data Format
  13. Use Special Data‑Input Options
    1. Create Checkboxes
    2. Define Sliders and Steppers
    3. Build Pop-Up Menus
  14. Sort Data
    1. Learn About Sorting Order
    2. Sort with Column Menus
    3. Sort with the Organize Inspector
    4. Master Unsorting
    5. Deal with Special Sorting Issues
  15. Filter Data
    1. Use Quick Filters
    2. Filter with the Inspector
  16. Analyze Data with Categories
    1. See the Categories Advantage
    2. Create a Sample Category Table
    3. Define and View Categories
    4. Add a Summary Function
    5. More About Categories
  17. Handle Formulas and Functions
    1. Save Time with Quick Calculations
    2. Use the Insert Button or Menu
    3. Learn Formula-Building Basics
    4. Work in the Formula Editor
    5. Understand Functions and Arguments
    6. Explore the Functions Browser
  18. Master IF Statements and Logical Operators
    1. What Is Truth?
    2. Review Comparison Operators
    3. Construct IF Statements
    4. Learn About Logical Operators
    5. Put It All Together
    6. Construct Nested IF Statements
  19. Work with Text Functions
    1. Know Your Text Terminology
    2. Learn Basic String Manipulations
    3. Master Other Common Text Tasks
  20. Create Charts
    1. Chart Choices
    2. Learn Chart Parts and Terminology
    3. Create a Chart
    4. Edit Chart Data
    5. Design 3D Charts
    6. Make Interactive Charts
  21. Format Charts
    1. Select Chart Elements
    2. The Chart Tab
    3. The Axis Tab
    4. The Series Tab
    5. The Style Tab
    6. Tweak Text Elements
  22. Add Comments
    1. Set Comment Options
    2. Solo vs. Swapped vs. Shared
    3. Comments, Comments, Everywhere
    4. Handle Comments and Replies
    5. View, Edit, and Delete Comments
  23. Add Audio
    1. Create a Voice Recording
    2. Work in the Audio Tab
  24. Work with Shapes and Images
    1. Add Shapes to a Sheet
    2. Edit Shapes
    3. Create a Custom Shape
    4. Use Shape Styles
    5. All About Arrows
    6. Use Image Galleries
  25. Tackle Text
    1. What’s a Text Container?
    2. Put Text in Text Boxes and Shapes
    3. Tour the Text Tab
    4. Create Bullet and Ordered Lists
    5. Use Paragraph and Character Styles
    6. Create a New Style
    7. Search for Text
    8. Search for and Replace Fonts
  26. Manipulate Objects
    1. Set Ruler and Guide Preferences
    2. Select, Move, and Duplicate Objects
    3. Work on the Sheet
    4. Work on the Arrange Tab
  27. Import, Export, and Share Files
    1. Exchange Files with Excel
    2. Import and Export Delimited Files
    3. Export as a CSV or TSV File
    4. Share a Numbers Document
  28. Print Spreadsheets
    1. The Print Process
    2. Hone Headers and Footers
  29. About This Book
    1. Ebook Extras
    2. About the Author
    3. Acknowledgments
    4. About the Publisher
    5. Credits
    6. Copyright and Fine Print

Product information

  • Title: Take Control of Numbers, 3rd Edition
  • Author(s): Sharon Zardetto
  • Release date: September 2021
  • Publisher(s): Take Control Books
  • ISBN: 9781947282209