Teach Yourself VISUALLY Macs, 3rd Edition

Book description

The visual guide to getting up and running with your new Mac

Macs are enjoying robust sales, and visual learners are drawn to their intuitive interface. This colorful, step-by-step guide quickly gets you up to speed on your new Mac, and if you're moving to a Mac from Windows, it smoothes the transition. Full-color screen shots and numbered, step-by-step instructions show you how to navigate the interface and explain how to attach hardware, sync mobile devices, browse the web with Safari, manage photos with iPhoto, shop at the iTunes store, and much more. There are even productivity, maintenance, and troubleshooting tips.

  • New Mac users, those switching from Windows, and Mac veterans upgrading to the newest version of OS X will get up and running quickly and easily with this full-color, step-by-step guide

  • Covers basic set-up, hardware add-ons, syncing iPhones and iPods to the Mac, using popular apps, browsing the Internet with Safari, and setting up e-mail

  • Shows how to manage your photos with iPhoto and create professional-looking home movies with iMovie

  • Includes a variety of productivity, maintenance, and troubleshooting tasks as well as important details on the capabilities of Mac OS X Lion

  • Numbered steps and colorful screen shots demonstrate each task

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Macs, 3rd Edition is just what visual learners need to start making the most of the Mac.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Title Page
  4. Chapter 1: Reviewing Mac Types
    1. Understanding Mac Types
    2. Learn About the iMac
    3. Delve into the Mac mini
    4. Get to Know the Mac Pro
    5. Check Out the MacBook Pro
    6. Tour the MacBook Air
  5. Chapter 2: Learning What You Can Do with a Mac
    1. Create Documents
    2. Play and Record Music
    3. View and Organize Your Photos
    4. Play and Make a Movie or Slide Show
    5. Take Advantage of the Web
    6. Communicate with Others
    7. Organize Your Contacts and Appointments
  6. Chapter 3: Connecting Devices
    1. Connect Your Mac to an External Display
    2. Connect a Printer
    3. Connect a Fax Modem
    4. Connect an iPod
    5. Connect an iPhone
    6. Connect an iPad
    7. Connect a Bluetooth Device
    8. Connect Your Mac to Another Mac
  7. Chapter 4: Learning Mac Basics
    1. Explore the OS X Screen
    2. Tour the Dock
    3. Start an Application
    4. Switch Between Applications
    5. Tour an Application Window
    6. Select a Command from a Pull-Down Menu
    7. Select a Command Using a Toolbar
    8. Select Options with Dialog Controls
    9. Save a Document
    10. Open a Document
    11. Print a Document
    12. Edit Document Text
    13. Copy a File
    14. Move a File
    15. Rename a File
    16. Delete a File
  8. Chapter 5: Listening to Music
    1. Open and Close iTunes
    2. Understanding the iTunes Library
    3. Navigate the iTunes Window
    4. Play a Song
    5. Play a Music CD
    6. Import Tracks from a Music CD
    7. Create a Playlist
    8. Burn Music Files to a CD
    9. Edit Song Information
    10. Purchase Music from the iTunes Store
    11. Listen to an Internet Radio Station
  9. Chapter 6: Viewing and Editing Photos
    1. View a Preview of a Photo
    2. View a Slide Show of Your Photos
    3. Open and Close iPhoto
    4. Import Photos from a Digital Camera
    5. View Your Photos
    6. Create an Album
    7. Crop a Photo
    8. Rotate a Photo
    9. Straighten a Photo
    10. Remove Red Eye from a Photo
    11. Add Names to Faces in Your Photos
    12. Map Your Photos
    13. Email a Photo
    14. Take Your Picture
  10. Chapter 7: Working with Digital Video
    1. Play a DVD Using DVD Player
    2. Play Digital Video with QuickTime Player
    3. Create a New Movie Project
    4. Import a Video File
    5. Add Video Clips to Your Project
    6. Trim a Clip
    7. Add a Transition Between Clips
    8. Add a Photo
    9. Add a Music Track
    10. Record a Voiceover
    11. Add Titles and Credits
    12. Play the Movie
    13. Publish Your Movie to YouTube
  11. Chapter 8: Browsing the Web
    1. Open and Close Safari
    2. Select a Link
    3. Enter a Web Page Address
    4. Open a Web Page in a Tab
    5. Navigate Web Pages
    6. Navigate with the History List
    7. Change Your Home Page
    8. Bookmark Web Pages
    9. Search for Sites
  12. Chapter 9: Communicating with Your Mac
    1. Open and Close Mail
    2. Add an Email Account
    3. Send an Email Message
    4. Add a File Attachment
    5. Add a Signature
    6. Receive and Read Email Messages
    7. Reply to a Message
    8. Forward a Message
    9. Open and Save an Attachment
    10. Configure Messages
    11. Send a Message
    12. Sign In to FaceTime
    13. Connect Through FaceTime
  13. Chapter 10: Working with Contacts and Events
    1. Open and Close Contacts
    2. Add a New Contact
    3. Edit a Contact
    4. Create a Contact Group
    5. Open and Close Calendar
    6. Navigate the Calendar
    7. Create an Event
    8. Create a Repeating Event
  14. Chapter 11: Learning Useful Mac Tasks
    1. Install a Program Using the App Store
    2. Write a Note
    3. Pin a Note to the Desktop
    4. Create a Reminder
    5. Create a New Reminder List
    6. Sign In to Your Twitter Account
    7. Send a Tweet
    8. Share Information with Other People
    9. Work with the Notification Center
    10. View the Mac Screen on Your TV
  15. Chapter 12: Working with Your iCloud Account
    1. Create an Apple ID
    2. Sign In to iCloud
    3. Set Up iCloud Synchronization
    4. Send and Receive iCloud Mail
    5. Work with iCloud Contacts
    6. Manage Your Schedule with iCloud
    7. Locate a Lost Mac, iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad
  16. Chapter 13: Customizing Your Mac
    1. Display System Preferences
    2. Change the Desktop Background
    3. Activate the Screen Saver
    4. Set Your Mac’s Sleep Options
    5. Change the Display Resolution
    6. Create an App Folder in Launchpad
    7. Add a User Account
    8. Customize the Dock
    9. Add an Icon to the Dock
    10. Hide the Dock
  17. Chapter 14: Networking with Your Mac
    1. Understanding Networking
    2. Connect to a Wireless Network
    3. Connect to a Network Resource
    4. Turn On File and Printer Sharing
    5. Share a Folder
    6. Share a Printer
    7. Add a Shared Printer
  18. Chapter 15: Maintaining Your Mac
    1. Empty the Trash
    2. Organize Your Desktop
    3. Check Hard Drive Free Space
    4. Uninstall Unused Applications
    5. Set a Software Update Schedule
    6. Update Software Manually
    7. Force a Stuck Application to Close
    8. Configure Time Machine Backups
    9. Restore Files Using Time Machine
    10. Recondition Your Mac Notebook Battery
    11. Restart Your Mac

Product information

  • Title: Teach Yourself VISUALLY Macs, 3rd Edition
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: November 2012
  • Publisher(s): Visual
  • ISBN: 9781118354650