Chapter Seven. The Laws of Negotiating

73. The Universal Law of Negotiating

74. The Law of Futurity

75. The Law of Win-Win or No Deal

76. The Law of Unlimited Possibilities

77. The Law of Four

78. The Law of Timing

79. The Law of Terms

80. The Law of Anticipation

81. The Law of Authority

82. The Law of Reversal

83. The Law of Greater Power

84. The Law of Desire

85. The Law of Reciprocity

86. The Walk Away Law

87. The Law of Finality

Your ability to get along with others is perhaps the most important skill you can develop if you really want to be successful and happy in business and in life. Today, everything involves relationships. The most successful people in almost every field are relationship experts. They have taken the time and made the effort to be ...

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