Chapter 7. The Awakened Relationship


Once you experience forgiveness, your outer world changes.

 --Joe Vitale

Joe: Hi. This is Dr. Joe Vitale. Welcome to the Awakened Relationship program. In this program I'm going to discuss how to get the most from your personal and business relationships. Let's jump right in so you, too, can have an awakened relationship.

Theresa Pushkar: Joe, would you describe what an awakened relationship is?

An Awakened Relationship Is Love

Joe: An awakened relationship is completely based on love. You have to understand that there are at least four stages of awakening. In the first, most people are victims, and that relationship is not very healthy. In the second stage of awakening, they feel empowered. A relationship can be very strong and very challenging and very growth-oriented because of this empowerment. But sooner or later it evolves into the third stage, which is about surrender. You're not surrendering to the other person in that relationship; you're surrendering to what I call "the Divine." You're surrendering to a higher power.

In the fourth stage, which is where you and I are headed, you are awake. In an awakened relationship, you are coming from love. You are, in fact, love, and the other person is coming from love and is, in fact, love. In an awakened relationship when you look at the other person, you see only love. And if that person is coming from an awakened relationship, he or she looks at you and sees only love, too. Love is the nature and ...

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