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The Basics of Cloud Computing

Book Description

As part of the Syngress Basics series, The Basics of Cloud Computing provides readers with an overview of the cloud and how to implement cloud computing in their organizations. Cloud computing continues to grow in popularity, and while many people hear the term and use it in conversation, many are confused by it or unaware of what it really means. This book helps readers understand what the cloud is and how to work with it, even if it isn’t a part of their day-to-day responsibility.

Authors Derrick Rountree and Ileana Castrillo explains the concepts of cloud computing in practical terms, helping readers understand how to leverage cloud services and provide value to their businesses through moving information to the cloud. The book will be presented as an introduction to the cloud, and reference will be made in the introduction to other Syngress cloud titles for readers who want to delve more deeply into the topic.

This book gives readers a conceptual understanding and a framework for moving forward with cloud computing, as opposed to competing and related titles, which seek to be comprehensive guides to the cloud.

  • Provides a sound understanding of the cloud and how it works
  • Describes both cloud deployment models and cloud services models, so you can make the best decisions for deployment
  • Presents tips for selecting the best cloud services providers

Table of Contents

  1. Cover image
  2. Title page
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. Contributed Chapters
  7. Preface
    1. What to Expect From this Book
    2. Intended Audience
    3. Why is this Information Important?
    4. Structure of the Book
  8. Chapter 1. Introduction to the Cloud
    1. Abstract
    2. Chapter Points
    3. Introduction
    4. What is the Cloud?
    5. Cloud Drivers
    6. Cloud Adoption Inhibitors: What is Holding People Back?
    7. Summary
  9. Chapter 2. Laying the Groundwork
    1. Abstract
    2. Chapter Points
    3. Introduction
    4. Authentication
    5. Computing Concepts
    6. Hardware Virtualization
    7. Web Development Technologies
    8. Summary
  10. Chapter 3. Cloud Deployment Models
    1. Abstract
    2. Chapter Points
    3. Introduction
    4. Public Clouds
    5. Private Clouds
    6. Community Clouds
    7. Hybrid Clouds
    8. Summary
  11. Chapter 4. Cloud Service Models
    1. Abstract
    2. Chapter Points
    3. Introduction
    4. Software as a Service
    5. Platform as a Service
    6. Infrastructure as a Service
    7. Additional Service Models
    8. Summary
  12. Chapter 5. Making the Decision
    1. Abstract
    2. Chapter Points
    3. Introduction
    4. To Go to the Cloud or Not?
    5. Choosing a Cloud Service Model
    6. Choosing a Cloud Deployment Model
    7. Choosing a Public Cloud Service Provider
  13. Chapter 6. Evaluating Cloud Security: An Information Security Framework
    1. Abstract
    2. Chapter Points
    3. Evaluating Cloud Security
    4. Tools
    5. Checklists for Evaluating Cloud Security
    6. Foundational Security
    7. Business Considerations
    8. Defense in Depth
    9. Operational Security
    10. Metrics for the Checklists
    11. Summary
    12. Endnotes
  14. Chapter 7. Operating a Cloud
    1. Abstract
    2. Chapter Points
    3. From Architecture to Efficient and Secure Operations
    4. Security Operations Activities
    5. Summary
    6. Endnotes
  15. Index