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The CEO of Technology

Book Description

The CIO playbook, with lessons from the world's best leaders

The CEO of Technology shows today's CIOs how to become exceptional leaders and bring value to their organization. By taking lessons from some of the world's best CEOs, you'll develop the traits and characteristics that drive legendary leadership. Interviews with top executives at leading global technology companies including Apple, Boeing, Direct TV, Facebook, Texas Instruments, and more provide deep and valuable insight into what it means to lead in a hyper-driven tech environment. These stories provide valuable lessons that don't come from a classroom, but only from the in-the-trenches experience of the world's best leaders—coupled with a groundbreaking leadership approach designed for the demands of today's markets, to give you the ultimate CIO handbook. You'll learn how to maximize the value of your greatest asset—your team—and how to drive performance to unprecedented levels. You'll discover how great leaders communicate business strategy across the modern enterprise, and become a driving force behind your organization's success.

The IT industry is experiencing a seismic shift that is revolutionizing the way companies do business. The stakes are high, everything is in flux, and there are no guaranteed paths to success. Whether this revolution means crisis or opportunity is up to you; this book gives you a game-changing approach to IT leadership in the 21st century enterprise.

  • Improve the quality of your leadership and strengthen the C-suite bond
  • Attract top talent, build great teams, and align IT with overall strategic vision
  • Become the indispensable leader who consistently drives achievement
  • Integrate technology and business strategy to become a high-value CIO

Modern CIOs face a radically new array of leadership challenges in today's ultra-competitive, highly volatile markets; are you capable of leading the charge to the top? The CEO of Technology offers a visionary approach and the wisdom of experience to help you join the ranks of great leaders.

Table of Contents

  1. COVER
    1. Genius as a Core Capability
    1. The Burning Platform
    2. Pressure to Innovate
    3. Speed, Agility, and Creativity
    4. Critical Insights
    5. Call to Action
    6. How This Book Is Structured
  6. Chapter 1: Qualities of Courageous Leadership
    1. Do You Have the Courage to Lead Your Team to Greatness?
    2. Michael Dell: 5 Tips for CIOs to Lead Digital Transformation Strategies
    3. Transforming IT for the Digital Age
    4. The Building Blocks of Digital Transformation
    5. Are You a Great Leader, or Just along for the Ride?
    6. Empowering a Fearless and Purpose-Driven Team
    7. SAP Relies on Culture of Innovation and Excellence to Stay Ahead
    8. The Modern CIO Is a Tech Investor, Not Just a Tech Consumer
    9. Taking Your Seat at the Table with the Board
    10. When Pitching New Ideas, Bring Prototypes and Working Demos
    11. Understanding the Difference Between Innovation and Disruption
    12. Rethinking the Concept of Bimodal IT
    13. Learning Valuable Lessons about Collaboration from the World's Largest Staffing Firm
    14. Great CIOs Strive to Emulate Great CEOs by Focusing on Essential Leadership Skills
  7. Chapter 2: What Keeps the CEO up at Night
    1. Modern CEOs Want Dependable Partners
    2. What Does It Mean to Be the Chief Digital Officer of a Major Global Enterprise?
    3. Digital Transformations Will Echo Far and Wide
    4. GE: An Industry Giant Continues to Transform and Evolve
    5. The Shift to Digital Business Creates Incredible New Opportunities for Collaborative CIOs
    6. Understanding How Technology Drives Business Growth Is Critical to Market Success
    7. Driving Secular Change in the Modern Enterprise
    8. Are Tech-Savvy CEOs a Help or a Hindrance to the Modern CIO?
    9. Five Critical Qualities of World-Class CIO Leadership in the Modern Global Enterprise
  8. Chapter 3: Driving Innovation across the Enterprise
    1. Creating Value through Test Labs and Sandboxes
    2. Supporting Incremental Innovation
    3. Spearheading a Data-Driven Cultural Transformation
    4. Fostering Open Innovation to Drive New Growth Opportunities
    5. Fresh Approaches to Kickstarting Innovation
    6. The CIO as Chief Disruption Officer
  9. Chapter 4: Leaders of Transformational Change
    1. As Connected Global Economy Grows, CIOs Rise to Meet the Challenge
    2. Detroit Sees Its Future in Digital, Delivering Superior Customer Experiences
    3. IoT Governance Challenge: Looking for “One Throat to Choke”
    4. IT Leaders Create Tangible Business Value and Deliver World-Class Customer Experiences
    5. Courageous Leadership Builds on a Solid Foundation of Skill, Experience, and Trust
    6. Are You Catching Up to the Cloud or Leading the Way?
    7. At CarMax, Technology Drives Great Business Outcomes with Transparency and Customer Focus
    8. Transformative Change Is a Universal Phenomenon
    9. Building Strong Bridges across the Enterprise with Humanity and Humility
    10. Are Your Enterprise Apps Ready for the Cloud?
    11. The Big Pivot: How Apple is Rocking Our World
    12. Soon, BYOD Will Include Cars
    13. What Tech Execs Can Learn from Google's Driving Lessons
    14. Note to the C-Suite: IT Glitches and Outages Damage a Company's Reputation and Bottom Line
    15. Can Big Blue Reclaim a Leadership Role among the World's Titans of Technology?
  10. Chapter 5: Elevation and Career Ascent
    1. Contributing Value to the Board
    2. The New Leadership Mandate in the Digital Economy
    3. Leading by Example
    4. Redefining IT Teams in the Modern Enterprise
    5. Is It Time for a New Game Plan?
    6. Partnering with Academia on STEM/STEAM/STREAM Development
    7. The Transformational Career Path
    8. Rethinking Career Development for Millennials
    9. The Art of Self-Promotion
    10. No Executive Is Immune from Disruption
  11. Chapter 6: The “Eyes and Ears” of the Enterprise
    1. As Trusted Senior Advisors, CIOs Serve Critical Roles
    2. Nurturing Intellectual Curiosity to Assemble a World-Class Cybersecurity Team
    3. Looking beyond the Four Walls of IT and Seeing a World of Competitive Markets
    4. Great CIOs Know the Three Flavors of Disruption and How to Leverage Disruption to Create Value
    5. Twenty-First-Century CIOs Need Split Personalities to Balance Continuity and Growth
    6. Fully Engaged IT Leaders Drive Business Growth and Value in Highly Competitive Markets
    7. Intel Takes Another Look at Gordon Moore's Famous Law
    8. Interacting Successfully with Senior Management
    9. “We Have to Be Very Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable”
    10. Great CIOs Create Highly Effective Teams to Drive Value for the Modern Enterprise
  12. Chapter 7: Building a Robust Network of Partners
    1. Leveraging the Partner Network for Digital Transformation Success
    2. Playing a Central Role in Enterprise Transformation
    3. Don't Underestimate the Difficulties of Digital Transformation
    4. Driving Business Transformation via Process Revolution
  13. Chapter 8: Key Takeaways
    1. Snehal Antani
    2. Ingrid-Helen Arnold
    3. Ramón Baez
    4. Asheem Chandna
    5. Guy Chiarello
    6. Lee Congdon
    7. Jason G. Cooper
    8. Mignona Cote
    9. Kirsten Davies
    10. Dana Deasy
    11. Scott Fenton
    12. John Foley
    13. Pat Gelsinger
    14. Clark Golestani
    15. Kevin A. Haskew
    16. Patty Hatter
    17. Shawn Henry
    18. Zack Hicks
    19. Adriana Karaboutis
    20. Timothy Kasbe
    21. Ralph Loura
    22. Shamim Mohammad
    23. Tom Peck
    24. Mark Polansky
    25. John Rossman
    26. Bernadette Rotolo
    27. William Ruh
    28. Kevin Sealy
    29. Naresh Shanker
    30. Raj Singh
    31. Jim Swanson
    32. Joe Topinka
    33. Michael Wilson
    34. Deanna L. Wise
    1. About CELA
  18. INDEX