Calling C code from Rust

First, we'll take a look at an example of calling C code from Rust. We'll create a new binary crate from which we'll call our C function that's defined in a separate C file. Let's create a new project by running cargo new c_from_rust. Within the directory, we'll also add our C source, that is, the mystrlen.c file, which has the following code inside it:

// c_from_rust/mystrlen.cunsigned int mystrlen(char *str) {     unsigned int c;     for (c = 0; *str != '\0'; c++, *str++);     return c; } 

It contains a simple function, mystrlen, which returns the length of a string passed to it. We want to invoke mystrlen from Rust. To do that, we'll need to compile this C source into a static library. There's one more example in the upcoming ...

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