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The Digital Innovation Playbook: Creating a Transformative Customer Experience

Book Description

A complete and practical road map to achieving unprecedented business success through digital innovation excellence

In this breakthrough book, world-renowned innovation strategist Nicholas J. Webb uncovers the secrets of the world's best innovators. And what he found is that there is a new phenomenon that he calls "Digital Innovation" which is sweeping the world. In this powerful book, Webb clearly defines innovation as "the process of delivering exceptional value through active listening."

His case studies show how great organizations like Kodak, IndyCar, U.S. Army, and Southwest Airlines have used Digital Innovation to drive colossal success. Webb also discusses how Dell Computers has set up their own Digital Command Center to monitor over 70,000 keywords in over 11 languages to listen, to learn, and to ultimately invent world-class technologies. He predicts that Digital Innovation will replace the term Open Innovation and that ultimately every successful organization in the world will hire a Chief Listening Officer (CLO).

  • Demystifies the hyper-complex world of Digital Innovation

  • Presents comprehensive case examples of how organizations both large and small have deployed Digital Innovation methodologies to grow both sales and profit

  • Shows how organizations are using digital media, Web 2.0, and social media to connect to their customer communities and internal stakeholders alike

With free online training that will help you put theory into practice, The Digital Innovation Playbook prepares you to implement a Digital Innovation culture into your corporate life.

"The ebook version does not provide access to the companion files".

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Foreword
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Introducing the Next Step
    1. This Book's Setup
    2. This Book Is Alive
  8. Chapter 1: Mastering Digital Innovation
    1. Breaking It Down: The Key Words Are ‘Exceptional,’ ‘Value,’ and ‘Listening’
    2. Risky Business: Focusing on Failure Drives Failure
    3. The Open Innovation Myth: No Initiative Can Defeat a Closed Culture
    4. Jumping In with Both Feet: Digital Innovators Must Become Experts
    5. A Walk through Your Digital Customer Community
    6. A Social Revolution: People Are Talking All the Time, All Over
    7. The Exceptional Layer: Defining Value Layer by Layer
    8. Criminal Behavior: Digital Disposes of Every Level below Exceptional
    9. How You Can Become Exceptional: Manage Your Culture to Become a Listener
    10. Are You Trapped in Analog? Comparing Digital Socialists to Digital Capitalists
    11. Communication—The Key to Everything
    12. Full-Duplex Dialogue Takes the Win
    13. Digital Innovation Best Practices: Commanding the Digital World
    14. Creating Your Platform: Defining Wants Provides Filter Backdrop
    15. Value Layered Innovation: Invent at Each Point of Contact
  9. Chapter 2: The Digital Sandbox
    1. A Walk through the Future of Mobile Technology: More and More Smart Connections
    2. Blogs: The Foundation for the Social Web
    3. Learning to Listen with Radian6: Helping Companies Communicate and Deploy
    4. Conversations: A Previously Untapped Resource, But Are You Listening?
    5. The Sandbox Mentality: Learning to Play, Listen, Invent, and Deploy
    6. Playing Nice in the Sandbox: Be Aware and Share the Space
    7. Giving Employees a Voice: Sharing the Brand to Make It Stronger
    8. Learning New Communication: Traditional Media No More
    9. A Paradigm Shift: From Listening to Engagement
    10. The New Digital Multipliers: Real People Create Real Loyalty
    11. Gaining Customer Credit by Being in the Conversation, Not Just Problem Solving
    12. A Theory of Relativity: Weighing “What You Get” versus “What You Expected”
    13. No. 251?! No More Lines
    14. A Social Shift in Customer Service: Cost Effective with Power Going to the People
  10. Chapter 3: The Digital Enterprise
    1. The Spigit Community
    2. A “Gap” in Judgment: Followers Cry Out for Old Logo
    3. Cisco Looks to the Public: Widening the Idea Net
    4. AAA Looks to Gen Y: Spigit Creates Innovation Community
    5. A Need to Stand Out: Veridian Credit Union Pulls in Collective Intelligence of Employees on the Front Lines
    6. Innovating with Collective Intelligence: Taking the Ideas and Running with Them
  11. Chapter 4: The Digital Video Revolution
    1. Philip Nelson on NewTek: Revolutionizing Desktop Video
    2. Chasing the Elusive Dollar: How Do Companies Monetize Their Video Efforts?
    3. Video to Tell and Sell
    4. Lasting Value Creates Durability
    5. Taking It Live: Going Live Gets People to Plan to View
    6. From Airwaves to the Screen: Radio Goes Digital
    7. Live Streaming Expands Brand Potential: MTV and The Hills
    8. Getting Behind the Velvet Ropes: People Like the Inside Scoop
    9. The End of the Dorm Room Video: Video Makers Gain Credibility with the Advent of TV-Quality Production
    10. Melding of the Screens: From Television to Cell Phones, It's All about the Content
    11. The Next Five Years
  12. Chapter 5: Flying High
    1. First Taste of Social Media: Video Series Ends, New Communications Begin
    2. Content Controls: Editor Approves Comments with Moderation
    3. An Open Culture: How Tough Is It Showing the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly?
    4. Direct Line to Customers
    5. Making Friends on Facebook
    6. Responses for All: Yes, You'll Get Some Crazies, But It's Important to Respond to Good and Bad
    7. Putting in the Time: Listening and Understanding the Feedback
    8. Keeping Up with the Changes; Southwest Finds a Natural Fit with Already-Open Culture of Communication
    9. Lessons from Southwest
    10. Video at Southwest: Vital Communication with Employees and Customers
    11. The Pits: What to Avoid in the Social Media World
    12. The Next Five Years: Keep Creating Content and Finding the Best Channels
  13. Chapter 6: Picture Perfect Social Media
    1. Finding a Digital Culture: Kodak Finds a Voice to Join the Conversations
    2. Behind the Brand: Kodak Connects by Sharing Stories and Correcting Misconceptions
    3. What Are the Opportunities, What's in It for Us, and How Do We Create Value for Them?
    4. An Open, Active Ear: Kodak Staffs Chief Listener Position
    5. Making Your Customers Blue: Recognizing Actionable Listening Moments
    6. Active Listening: Air Traffic Controller for Those Insights
    7. A Story with a Moral: Kodak Learns Fast Action and Personal Response Avert Disaster
    8. The Flavors of Communication: Learn Which to Use and When
    9. A Product That Stands on Its Own: Allowing the Community to Discuss Your Brand
    10. A Matter of Trust
  14. Chapter 7: The Army Way
    1. Eye-Opener at Blog World
    2. Hands Off! Let Go or Lose It All
    3. “If It's Good Enough for the Army…”—Despite the Risks, the Military Creates a Real Community
    4. Army Strong Stories: A Matter of Trust and Respect
    5. Learning from the Army
    6. A Learning Process
    7. A Real Commitment to Communication: Openness Is the Driving Force behind Innovations
    8. The Army Can, and You Can Too
  15. Chapter 8: Winning the Digital Race
    1. Developing an Online Persona: How the IZOD IndyCar Series Has Added Value for Their Fans through Social and Digital Media
    2. Behind the Scenes: The IndyCar Blog
    3. Making Friends: Facebook and IndyCar
    4. A New Community: Flickr and IndyCar
    5. More Streaming: Livestream and IndyCar
    6. Speed Tweeting: Twitter and IndyCar
    7. Eyes on Content: YouTube and IndyCar
    8. Verizon and the IndyCar Mobile App
    9. Talking Back to IndyCar.com
    10. The Ultimate Fan Experience
    11. The Conclusion to the IndyCar Story: Keeping Up with IndyCar Communities
    12. Maximizing Innovation Potential
  16. Chapter 9: Digital Direct
    1. Direct Response Marketing: Advertising's Measurable Cousin
    2. DR to Branding: “We've Got Creative Differences”
    3. The Internet and Digital DRM: Your Media Roadmap
    4. Using the Internet to Improve Allocation of Marketing Dollars
    5. Online Testing the Quick and Easy Way
    6. Ad Measurement: How You Know You're Winning
    7. The Internet Makes Creative Fast and Easy
    8. Media Optimization: More Bang for Your Buck
    9. Engagement Optimization: Keeping Up with Your Customers
    10. Five Advanced Digital Media Tactics to Get Even More Customers
    11. What Now?
    12. Turning to Innovation Strategy
  17. Chapter 10: RealOpen Innovation
    1. A Prescription, Not a Diet
    2. What Is the RealOpen Innovation Framework?
    3. What Is an Innovation Platform?
    4. The Seven Ways to Find New Technologies and Ideas for Your Business
    5. Creating a Filter with Customers in Mind
    6. Forward, Forge, Forget: Fast-Track Methodologies
    7. RealOpen and the Four-in-One Garlic Press
    8. Innovation Scenario Tactics
    9. A Medical Device Industry Example
  18. Chapter 11: Creating a Digital Culture
    1. External Focus versus Internal Focus
    2. Success Referencing
    3. The Four Characteristics That Define Cultural Excellence
    4. The Critical Role of Leadership
    5. The Components of Digital Innovation
  19. Chapter 12: Rules of Engagement
    1. One Giant Leap for Mankind
    2. Rules of Engagement
  20. Chapter 13: The Innovation Game Plan
    1. Learning from the Best and Brightest
    2. The Most Important Takeaways
    3. Becoming a True Digital Enterprise
  21. About the Author
    1. Body of Research
    2. Keynote Topics
  22. Special Book Offer $149 Value
  23. Index