Action plan. See also 4 Ps action plan

committing to an, 115

Agendas, meeting, 79

Alba, Jessica, 64

Ambiversion, 3

Appointments, allowing time between, 114

Apprehension, nonverbal communication of, 44–45

Approaching people, styles of, 38

Assertive tools to handle extroverts, having, 87–88

Assertiveness, 47–50

helping others assert themselves, 50–51

introversion and, 48–49

Audience, connecting with your, 68–69


modeling authentic behavior, 153

when meeting with manager, 138

Barra, Mary, 47–48, 50

Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 79


checking one’s, 35–36

against quiet and introverted leaders, xiii

recruiting, 34–35

Blind spots, 33–34

Body language, 44–46, 129

attending to your, 70–71

how it can enhance your message, 70–71

how ...

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