Chapter 5. Overlays

<feature><title>After reading this chapter, you’ll be able to do the following:</title>
  • Search the web for an interesting aerial view of the Earth, a historical map, or a topographical map and add the image as a ground overlay to a KML file.

  • Create a screen overlay from a corporate logo and display it in the top-right corner of the Google Earth screen.

  • Explain how a <LatLonBox> is used in a <GroundOverlay> element.

  • Add one of your photos to Google Earth in a <PhotoOverlay> element.

  • Create a <Camera> element that views your house or school from an interesting viewpoint.


Chapter Overview

This chapter explains how to create the three different types of overlays:

  • Ground overlays

  • Screen overlays

  • Photo overlays

The chapter begins ...

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