Chapter 11. building the SUP3R CAR

In this chapter, you’ll build the SUP3R CAR, an evil-looking armored vehicle! You’ll also build the R3MOTE, a handy two-lever remote control. Both models are shown in Figure 11-1. Like a real rear-wheel-drive car, the SUP3R CAR has front wheels that steer and rear wheels that drive. In this sense, it’s different from ROV3R, which uses two motors running at different speeds to change direction or turn on the spot. ROV3R’s turning radius can be zero, while the SUP3R CAR has a larger turning radius.

The SUP3R CAR uses a Medium Motor for steering and two Large Motors for driving. You’ll learn all about programming the SUP3R CAR in Chapter 12, but now, let’s start building!

Figure 11-1. The SUP3R CAR and the R3MOTE ...

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