6 The Product/Service Plan

You have a choice of four different types of mousetraps to catch your customers. They are:

1. A better mousetrap

2. A disappearing-mouse mousetrap

3. A 36-inch mousetrap

4. A cheaper mousetrap

A better mousetrap is of higher quality than the competition. Examples are Haagen Dazs ice cream, Godiva chocolates, and Cross pens. A disappearing-mouse mousetrap is where you don’t have to see the dead mouse. You can now buy mousetraps where the mouse goes into a box, like a little hotel, and can’t get back out in the morning. Then you throw out the hotel. This type of mousetrap is not any more effective than the old kind, but is preferred because you don’t see the dead mouse. The definition of a disappearing-mouse mousetrap ...

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