CHAPTER 9 Planning and Preparation that Helps You to Build Value

“There is only one good, knowledge and one evil, ignorance.”


Planning and preparation is the most fundamental element of negotiating and it is only when the deal is done that the value of this can be fully appreciated. In all my experience I have concluded that there is a direct correlation between how well you have planned the outcome of your negotiations.

To start with it is important not to get confused between knowledge and ability. What you understand will help you to perform but this knowledge counts for nothing if you don’t possess the motivation to do, and that requires making time to plan and prepare. Ignore or avoid this reality at your peril. There will be many reasons, excuses, and time distractions that may impact on your performance as a negotiator. However, if you are disciplined enough to plan and prepare, you will create value and achieve results that would otherwise be beyond your reach.


If you have ever played the game Tetris you will know there is a skill involved in getting the right shapes in the right places and in the right order to maximize your score. If you do not adjust the pieces or move the shapes as they become visible they will simply stack up on each other, leaving you with lots of gaps and a low score.

Similarly, in negotiation and working with variables, there is a skill in agreeing to the way and order in ...

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