The Personal Business Plan: A Blueprint for Running Your Life

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Find your life ambition and plan for success!

You'd never think to embark on a business venture without a thorough and coherent plan. So why do so many people stagger through life with no real strategy—just going with the flow, seeing what happens? It's time we gave our lives the same importance we give to our business exploits.

What you need is a compass—a tool which helps you when you're unsure which way to go and enables you to answer all the questions in your life. The Personal Business Plan will help you to understand and adapt the patterns in your life, so that you can feel free and focus on the future.

This essential guide offers a field-tested framework to help you define your purpose, plan your actions, reduce life's complexity, and create order from chaos. You'll develop a life ambitious attitude that will enable you to turn thoughts into action—and action into value. With a rich source of tools, techniques, templates, exercises, and case studies along the way, you'll learn how to become the best version of yourself and live a life that truly looks like you.

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Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title page
  3. Copyright page
  4. Dedication
  5. List of Figures and Tables in The Personal Business Plan
  6. Introduction: What Can I Use The Personal Business Plan For?
    1. What Was Your Question?
    2. How is This Book Structured?
    3. What Do You Do?
  7. 1: What is My Situation?
    1. Family Versus Work
    2. What Baggage from the Past Must I Let Go Of?
    3. What is Meaningful to Me Right Now?
    4. How Can I Move Forward?
  8. 2: How Can I Thrive?
    1. What Do I Like Doing?
    2. What Don't I Like Doing?
    3. How Can I Learn to Trust My Intuition?
  9. 3: When Do I Perform at My Best?
    1. What Does Success Look Like to Me?
    2. What is My Deep Down Motivation?
    3. What is My Worst-Case Scenario?
  10. 4: What Energizes Me?
    1. What are My Strengths?
    2. What are My Weaknesses?
    3. What is My Passion?
  11. 5: Where am I on My Personal Journey?
    1. Where am I in My Life?
    2. What are My Personal Priorities?
    3. What is My Potential for Personal Growth?
  12. 6: How Do I Become Happy?
    1. What is My Challenge?
    2. Why Must I Do Something Now?
    3. How Can I Obtain 20/20 Vision?
  13. 7: How Do I Reinvent Myself?
    1. What am I Willing to Sacrifice?
    2. Who Can I Turn to for Help?
    3. What is My Life Ambition?
  14. 8: How Do I Differentiate Myself from Others?
    1. What am I Better at than Anybody Else?
    2. What Else Differentiates Me from the Rest?
    3. How Good Do I Want to Be?
  15. 9: What is My Personal Business Plan?
    1. How Can I Reinvent Myself in Order to Remain Relevant?
    2. What is My BATNA?
    3. Am I Happy Now?
  16. 10: What Have I Learned?
    1. What is My Time Horizon?
    2. How Far Can I Go?
    3. What Would I Attempt to Do if I Knew I Could Not Fail?
  17. Epilogue: What Now?
  18. Your Personal Business Plan Toolkit
    1. 1 What is My Situation?
    2. 2 How Can I Thrive?
    3. 3 When Do I Perform at My Best?
    4. 4 What Energizes Me?
    5. 5 Where am I on My Personal Journey?
    6. 6 How Do I Become Happy?
    7. 7 How Do I Reinvent Myself?
    8. 8 How Do I Differentiate Myself from Others?
    9. 9 What is My Personal Business Plan?
    10. 10 What Have I Learned?
    11. To infinity … and beyond!
  19. Top 10 Recommended Reading
  20. Bibliography
  21. About the Author
  22. Index

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  • Title: The Personal Business Plan: A Blueprint for Running Your Life
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: September 2013
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781118744130