What is My Personal Business Plan?

The future, as always, belongs to the brave

Bill Bernbach

Try to develop a mental picture of two identities: One is a trusted advisor and the other is a racing driver who barely succeeds in keeping the car on track in the turns. One exudes calmness and the other exudes hyperactivity. Accept ambiguity and accept that there are no clear-cut answers. You have to find your own answers by exploring your foundation. When you know yourself you have no enemies. Behind every frustration lies an ambition. It is not a breakdown, it is a breakthrough. It is like taking a conscious decision to pass through a threshold or a doorway. The basketball star Michael Jordan puts it in this way: “Limits, like fears, are often just an illusion”.

Think of your Personal Business Plan as a business logic. It needs to function in a way that fulfills the demands for flexibility (short-term), adaptability (long-term) and concordance about your goals. This is exactly the framework for the corporation's sustained competitiveness known as Triple A: Agility, Adaptability, and Alignment:

c9-fig-5001 Agility: to be able to respond to short-term changes in order to handle external disruptions smoothly.
c9-fig-5001 Adaptability: to be able to adjust to structural shifts in the markets.
Alignment: to ...

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