Chapter 8. They Are Doing Good

WE HAVE LAID OUT how bad design affects all of us in very real ways. We have recounted many stories of how people have been hurt by bad design. We also have discussed how we can be agents of change and make things better. We want to turn your attention now to the people out there already on the front lines making a difference. People who have seen the need for better design and are doing their part to create a better world for you and I to live in. People who, like us, see the enormous potential design has to broaden the bridge to technology and better serve people’s needs. Let me briefly share with you these successes, to show you that you are not alone. Together we can make a difference!

Physical Good

We talk about how bad design can cause physical harm, but here are some examples of people using good design to create physical good!

  • Mad*Pow ( is a design agency that aims to improve the experiences people have with technology, organizations, and each other. They have set out to change healthcare, and have made huge strides. One of those measures is putting together the annual Healthcare Experience Design (HXD) conference, which brings together thought leaders in design and health to find ways the two can work together to improve the lives of patients. The rest of the year, Mad*Pow is an agency of passionate designers who tackle problems in healthcare, help nonprofits, and take on many other challenges.

  • Prescribe Design ( ...

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