Chapter 12. Code Case Studies

Your real-world experience has given you opportunities to review and maintain code. The exam might also test your skills in this area. To help you prepare, this chapter presents multiple scenarios as code case studies. Review each case study and answer the questions.

Case Study 1

You are developing the necessary code to configure the Litware2012 database. This database will be hosted on a SQL Server 2012 instance. At present, the instance is configured in the following way:

  • FILESTREAM is not currently enabled.

  • No database master key exists.

01 USE [master] 02 GO 03 CREATE DATABASE [Litware2012] 04 GO 05 ALTER DATABASE [Litware2012] ADD FILEGROUP [Tertiary] 06 GO 07 ALTER DATABASE [Litware2012] ADD FILEGROUP [Quaternary] ...

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