If a problem can be solved at all, to understand it and to know what to do about it are the same thing. On the other hand, doing something about 
a problem which you do not understand is like trying to clear away 
darkness by thrusting it aside with your hands. When light is 
brought, the darkness vanishes at once.

—Alan Watts1

Books are never finished. They are merely abandoned.

—Oscar Wilde

The truth is you can’t rely on anyone but yourself to make your possible fortune or prepare for a comfortable retirement. The safest, most profitable way to prepare for your future is by following the trend, not following some talking head’s opinion or your momentary emotional whim. Everything else beyond trend is white noise.

For example, think about the next Fed meeting, as there is always a next. And you know the drill. Expect sophisticated talk from [fill in the blank with name of odd looking economist that now leads the Fed] about this or that data, economic indicators by the bushel, assorted indecipherable mumblings and an army of TV talking heads lapping it all up as if an economic God has arrived. Let me blunt: No politician or economist will fix anything for you. However, you can fix your own situation, or at least put much better odds on your side. You can get ahead and ultimately leave nonsense behind, i.e., Fed watching.

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Look, nothing is easy, ...

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