Appendix A. Installing and Running Google App Engine on Windows XP

This appendix describes the installation of the Google App Engine Software Development Kit (SDK) under Windows XP and running a simple “Hello, world” application.

The App Engine SDK allows you to run Google App Engine Applications on your local computer. It simulates the runtime environment of the Google App Engine infrastructure.

Download and Install

Download the appropriate install package for the Google App Engine SDK from, as shown in Figure A-1.

Downloading Google Application Engine

Figure A-1. Downloading Google Application Engine

Download the Windows installer and double-click on the GoogleApplicationEngine installer; the setup wizard will launch, as shown in Figure A-2.

Installing Google App Engine

Figure A-2. Installing Google App Engine

Click through the installation wizard, which should install App Engine. If you do not have Python 2.5, it will install Python 2.5 as well. Once the install is complete, you can discard the downloaded installer.

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