GetRef Function



Use: Required

Data Type: String

Name of a sub or function

Return Value

A Long containing a reference to procname.


Returns a reference to a sub or function. This reference can be used for such purposes as binding to events or defining callback functions.

Rules at a Glance

  • GetRef can be used whenever a function or procedure reference is expected.

  • When using GetRef to define event handlers for events, the Set keyword is required. For example, the code required to bind the Window.OnLoad event to a procedure named ShowGreetingDialog is:

    Set Window.OnLoad = GetRef("ShowGreetingDialog")


<TITLE>The VBScript GetRef Function</TITLE>

Set popWin = Window.CreatePopup(  )
Set Window.Onload = GetRef("ShowPopup")

Sub ShowPopup(  )
    Set popBody = popWin.Document.Body
    popBody.Style.BackgroundColor = "lightblue"
    popBody.Style.Border = "solid black"
    popBody.innerHTML = "Click outside <B>popup</B> to close."
    popWin.Show 100, 100, 220, 30, Document.body
End Sub


Programming Tips and Gotchas

  • A common use of GetRef is to bind to DHTML events in Internet Explorer. You can use GetRef to bind to any of the events in the DHTML object model.

  • GetRef can be used to pass the address of a procedure to a routine that expects the address of a callback function as an argument.

VBA/VBScript Differences

The GetRef function is not supported by VBA. However, similar functionality is provided ...

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