2D video effects see Color Effect; Effect Editor; Freeze Frames; Horizontal Effects; Motion Effects; Nesting effects; Vertical effects; Video Mixdown

3D video effects, 151167

application specific to Media Composer and Symphony, 151, 152

application specific to Xpress, 151, 153154

Border, 163

Chroma Key, 165167

Defocus, 163

Effect Editor, 154159

image manipulation buttons, 155157

parameter hierarchy, 157159

Spline parameters, 158159

Highlight, 163

Offset shapes, 162

Page turns, 160162

Preset shapes, 159160

rotation considerations, 153154

Shadow, 163

Stamp and Clear, 164165

Trail, 164

ABVB (Avid Broadcast Video Board) systems:

hardware, 12

resolutions, 1920

Acceleration, and the 3D Effect Editor, 158

Active Palette, 84

Add Dissolve ...

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