Abortion, 59–60

Acceptance (of difference), 30, 120

Accommodation style, 50, 51f

Acknowledging, 119

Adaptation stage of responding to difference, 30

Adichie, Chimamanda, 33

Affinity groups, 70–73

who should facilitate, 73–74

Affirming Inclusion: Meaningful Dialogue across Difference (learning session), 14

Affirming Inclusion and Building Bridges during Challenging Times (dialogue session), 61

African Americans. See Blacks

Agreement vs. acceptance of difference, 30

American Indians. See Native Americans

Angelou, Maya, 58, 107

Apologizing, 121

Asia, diversity and inclusion in, 6

Asian Americans, comments/questions/attitudes to avoid when interacting with, 125–127

AT&T, 13–14

“Bathroom bill” (North Carolina HB2), 4–5

Biases, 32–36

Black Lives ...

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