Weaving Dreams: The Joy of Work, The Love of Life

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Tami Longaberger is CEO of The Longaberger Company, the premier U.S. manufacturer of handcrafted baskets and other home and lifestyle products. With great tenderness, transparency, and candor, this book opens her heart, offering readers a glimpse of her unique "American Dream"—the kind not handed down or given freely—but earned by hard work and fierce tenacity. Whether sharing memories of her impoverished childhood in Appalachia or accounts of reaching out to business women of the Middle East, Longaberger evokes a balanced nostalgia for the sweetness of the past comingled with a passionate call for hope for the future.

Weaving Dreams prompts readers to dream bigger, think more broadly, and risk taking the road less traveled in business and in life. The life lessons remind us that we are all much more similar than distinct, that we have much for which to be grateful, and that the love of family is a treasure to be valued above all else. In Weaving Dreams: The Joy of Work, the Love of Life, Tami Longaberger emerges as a clear voice of encouragement and inspiration, challenging us all to live each moment to the fullest.

Table of contents

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  4. I. America
    1. 1. Love Where You Live: Finding Joy at Home
    2. 2. Only in America: Seizing Opportunities and Finding Silver Linings
    3. 3. Lessons from Purple Hands: Learning Work Ethic from My Father
    4. 4. With Feet Planted: Learning Respect for Our Country
    5. 5. A Pocket Full of Coins: Connecting with Bravery and Honor
    6. 6. An American Privilege: Being a Voice for the Voiceless
  5. II. Integrity
    1. 7. The Legacy of Right and Wrong: Learning from Mom and Dad
    2. 8. Right Is Right: Taking the High Road behind the Scenes
    3. 9. Parenting with the End in Mind: How I Worked to Instill Responsibility and Work Ethic in My Children
    4. 10. Making Things Right: A Consultant's Story of Longaberger Values
  6. III. The Power Of Positive Thinking
    1. 11. "Getting It Right": The Struggle toward Self-Confidence
    2. 12. Our Minds Are Double-Edged Swords: The Power of Positive and Negative Thinking
    3. 13. Finding Balance: A Four-Part Recipe to Positive Thinking and Harmony
  7. IV. Enthusiasm
    1. 14. 14 Reflecting on a Legacy: Dad's Enthusiasm Was Contagious
    2. 15. From the Homestead to the Office: Promoting Enthusiasm
    3. 16. Feeding Joy: How I Remain Enthusiastic
    4. 17. Applause!: One Consultant Reflects on Finding Joy and Purpose with Longaberger
  8. V. Learning
    1. 18. Cream Pies and Ohio Buckeyes: Defying My Dad and Going to College
    2. 19. Supporting My Kids: Why Education Is So Important to Me
    3. 20. What Diversity Can Teach Us: Lessons in Tolerance
    4. 21. Longaberger 101: Improve Yourself and Pass It On!
  9. VI. Family
    1. 22. Thick and Thin: Sticking Together as a Family
    2. 23. Memory Making: How Family Traditions Became Our Glue
    3. 24. The Best Medicine: Laughter Is Critical for Any Family
    4. 25. Expanding My Family: Opening Doors for Longaberger Consultants
  10. VII. Courage
    1. 26. Learning to Pull Myself Up: Finding Courage Within
    2. 27. Empty Shoes at The Bee: Finding Courage in Loss
    3. 28. Grace in the Trying: Finding Courage in Difficult Circumstances
    4. 29. Horizon of Hope: Finding Courage in Illness
  11. VIII. Sharing And Giving Back
    1. 30. Hands in Dresden Dirt: My Love for Nature and the Beauty of the Earth
    2. 31. Random Acts of Kindness: Teaching My Children the Joy of Giving
    3. 32. Come Along with Me: Sharing My Days with Others
    4. 33. Landing in the Desert: Sharing Business with the Women of the Middle East
    5. 34. Philanthropy: A Way of Life
  12. IX. Gratitude
    1. 35. Remembering to Say "Thank You": Important People, Important Moments
    2. 36. A Posture of Gratitude: How I Live with a Grateful Heart
    3. 37. "How Can I Say Thanks?": A Consultant's Gratitude
    4. 38. Grateful to You: People Make Longaberger What It Is

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  • Title: Weaving Dreams: The Joy of Work, The Love of Life
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: September 2010
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9780470630037