Issues in Writing Data to Databases

In this section, we discuss issues that emerge in web database applications when multiple users access an application. Typically, a few users are inserting, updating, or deleting data, while most are running queries. This environment requires careful code design: without it, data can unexpectedly or unreliably change. This may lead to database inconsistencies and confused users.

Some of the problems we describe in this section can be solved with restrictive system requirements, knowledge of how the DBMS behaves, and careful script development. Others solutions require an understanding of database theory. We discuss both types of solution in the next section.

Transactions and Concurrency

Problems can occur when users read and write to a web database at the same time, that is, concurrently. The management of groups of SQL statements that read and write, or transactions , is one important area of the theory and practice of relational databases. Here are four of the more common problems of concurrent read and write transactions:

Lost update problem

User A reads from the database, recording a value. User B reads the same value, then updates the value immediately. User A then updates the value, overwriting the update written by User B.

Consider an example. Imagine that a winestore manager wants to order one dozen more bottles of a popular wine, but only if there are less than two dozen bottles currently in stock. The manager runs a query to sum the total ...

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