Appendix II

Common Nonmetallic Ores

MaterialMain ApplicationsMain Ore MineralsFormulaSpecific GravityOccurrence
ANHYDRITEIncreasing importance as a fertilizer, and in manufacture of plasters, cements, sulfates, and sulfuric acidANHYDRITECaSO42.95An important gangue mineral in porphyry Cu–Mo deposits. Occurs with gypsum and halite as a saline residue. Occurs also in “cap rock” above salt domes, and as minor gangue mineral in hydrothermal metallic ore veins
APATITESee Phosphates    
ASBESTOSHeat-resistant materials, such as fire-proof fabrics and brake-linings. Also asbestos cement products, sheets for roofing and cladding, fire-proof paints, etc.   Group of six minerals with same habit, roughly 1:20 aspect ratio, thin fibrous crystals
CHRYSOTILE (Serpentized ...

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