Managing Nano Server using PowerShell

PowerShell version 5 comes with a lot of features that Nano Server benefit from. The main feature are:

  • Copying files via PowerShell sessions
  • Remote file editing in PowerShell ISE
  • Interactive script debugging over PowerShell session
  • Remote script debugging within PowerShell ISE
  • Remote host process connects and debugs

Getting ready

If you want to manage your Nano Server right now, you can use PowerShell Remoting or if your Nano Server is running in a Virtual Machine you can also use PowerShell Direct which is covered in Chapter 4, Saving Time and Cost with Hyper-V Automation.

How to do it

In order to manage Nano server installation using PowerShell remoting, carry out the following steps:

  1. You might need to start the WinRM ...

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