Installing Windows Update Services

WSUS is a feature within Windows Server 2019. To use Windows Update Services, you first install the WSUS Windows feature and then do basic configuration and setup. In this recipe, you install WSUS and review the results of that installation.

Getting ready

This recipe uses the WSUS1 server, a member server in the Reskit.Org domain. At the start of this recipe, WSUS1 has no additional features or software loaded.

How to do it...

  1. Install the Windows Update feature and tools:
    $IFHT = @{
      Name                   = 'UpdateServices' 
      IncludeManagementTools = $true
    Install-WindowsFeature @IFHT
  2. Determine the features installed on the WSUS1 server after installation of WSUS:
    Get-WindowsFeature | Where-Object Installed
  3. Create a folder for WSUS update ...

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