Check the printer queue to see the status of your print job.

Once you’ve sent something to the printer, you can check if it’s printing by checking the printer queue . On a BSD-based system, check the queue with the lpq command:

% lpq
emu is ready and printing
Rank   Owner Job  Files           Total Size
active bob   420     138331 bytes
1st    bob   421  standard input  13284 bytes
2nd    lois  422  standard input  1928 bytes

Bob owns the job that is currently printing, as well as the first job on the queue. Lois’s job won’t print until both of Bob’s jobs are finished. By checking the print queue after a few minutes, Lois can wait until her job doesn’t appear on the queue anymore before she makes the trek down to the printer room to pick up her document.

Like the lpr command, lpq uses your default printer (i.e., ...

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