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The pace of change in business is fast, accelerating, and unrelenting. Providing employees with training and the ability to get answers quickly is essential, not only to stay competitive, but to successfully roll out mission-critical business expenditures such as cloud deployment, an application development project, or the implementation of emerging technologies.

O’Reilly is the world’s most comprehensive technology and business online learning platform.

That’s why over 2.25 million users, 4,000 enterprise companies, and 23% of Fortune 500 companies depend on O’Reilly for their professional learning needs.

Become an O’Reilly reseller

As an O’Reilly reseller, you‘ll be able to resell or bundle the award-winning O’Reilly learning platform to complement your own products and services. The O’Reilly platform will provide or augment the training necessary for successful implementation of new technological tools—plus you’ll help your clients upskill their employees company-wide and become more competitive in the war for talent.

Partner with O’Reilly to:

  • Offer a learning product backed by the stellar reputation that O’Reilly has built over 40 years as a trusted source of information on emerging technologies
  • Increase the value of your products and services
  • Accelerate and increase satisfaction with new technology implementations
  • Earn recurring revenue from client renewals
  • 2017 Top 20 I.T. Training Company Award
  • 2018 Top 20 I.T. Training Company Award

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