The Web Platform

Building a Solid Stack of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

The Web Platform

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JavaScript, HTML, and CSS provide strong foundations for websites, applications, and content. This unique combination gives developers the power to create document or application structure and content, use native-speed tools to style and even animate that content, and customize behavior and interaction. Though web structures are very different from traditional programming models, they offer unique strengths and opportunities. Their evolution is continuous, helping to drive a new generation of applications that are reshaping the classic desktop market and challenging native mobile contenders.

In The Web Platform: Building a Solid Stack of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, O'Reilly Senior Editor and Fluent Conference Chair Simon St.Laurent explores the possibilities that open when you take web technologies seriously, applying them to a wide variety of projects. Topics include:

  • HTML: Moving Beyond the Standard
  • The Power of Markup
  • CSS Selectors Have Superpowers
  • JavaScript: Not as Expected
  • From JavaScript to Declarative Markup
  • Toward Responsive Web Programming
  • Will JavaScript Take Over the Programming World?
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    Simon St. Laurent

    Simon St. Laurent

    Simon St. Laurent is a Content Manager at LinkedIn Learning, focusing primarily on front-end web projects. He has been co-chair of the Fluent conference and of OSCON. He's authored or co-authored books including Introducing Elixir, Introducing Erlang, Learning Rails 3, XML Pocket Reference, 3rd, XML: A Primer, and Cookies.

    You can find more of his writing on technology, Quakerism, and the Town of Dryden at