Frontend Optimization Handbook

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction from Your Digital Channels

Frontend Optimization Handbook

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Application response time mostly occurs on the front end, where user devices process the information. With all of the mobile devices in use today, application developers walk a fine line between adding ever-greater content and dealing with performance bottlenecks inherent with a mobile device’s limited processing power.

This practical, high-level report introduces senior managers, marketers, and IT practitioners to the generic tools and best practices you need to analyze frontend performance. You’ll explore the critical connection between frontend optimization (FEO) and business revenue growth.

Author Larry Haig, FEO consultant and analyst, identifies major opportunities for optimizing application performance, and provides a practical guide to action, including suggested workflow processes. You’ll also examine approaches and constraints for building a high-performance culture in your organization.

  • Explore the strengths and weaknesses of FEO tools available to help you understand application performance
  • Learn a high-level process for implementing FEO, including how to create and manage Key Performance Indicators
  • Adapt the process to work with edge cases, single page applications, and HTTP/2-based applications
  • Learn core building blocks for making digital performance part of your corporate culture
  • Get recommendations for using frontend optimization in practice

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