Infrastructure Now 2018

Expert Perspectives on Current Tools and Techniques of Infrastructure

Infrastructure Now 2018

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Trends such as virtualization, containers, and serverless computing are causing today’s infrastructure landscape to evolve quickly—and forcing organizations to evolve right along with them. With this report, systems engineers and engineering leaders examine the state of infrastructure and anticipated developments.

Brendan Burns (Microsoft), Camille Fournier (Two Sigma), Nirmal Mehta (Booz Allen Hamilton), Terren Peterson (Capital One), Nick Rockwell (the New York Times Company), and other experts weigh in on the issues that matter now, as well as promising developments just around the corner. Download this incisive report and learn how these trends are shaping the industry.

  • Learn about advances in infrastructure tools and technology that will likely surface in the next year
  • Examine the impact of infrastructure abstraction, such as containers and serverless, moving up the stack
  • Understand how people’s roles will need to change to keep up with evolving infrastructure
  • Explore the issue of legacy infrastructure, given today’s rapidly changing trends
  • Delve into infrastructure technology trends that may occur over the next few years

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Nikki McDonald

Nikki McDonald is a content director at O’Reilly where she writes, edits, and develops content to help engineers and developers collaborate more effectively and create and deploy complex distributed systems. Nikki cochairs O’Reilly’s Velocity conference.

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Ines Sombra is a distributed systems engineer at Fastly, where she spends her time helping the web go faster. Ines holds an MS in computology. In a previous life, Ines was a data engineer. Ines cochairs O’Reilly’s Velocity conference.

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James Turnbull is the CTO of Empatico. A longtime member of the open source community, James is the author of 10 technical books about open source software. He was formerly CTO at Kickstarter and an advisor at Docker. James cochairs O’Reilly’s Velocity conference.

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Jenn Webb is the online managing editor at O’Reilly Media.