Think of “Nos” as “Not Yets”

In your quest for work, you'll get a lot of “nos.” Don't believe me? Ask any salesperson. When you get a “no”—“No, we're not going to hire you”; “No, we're not going to interview you”; “No, I don't know anyone I can introduce you to”—it's useful to think of it as a “not yet.” Remember, a successful hitter in baseball fails two-thirds of the time! Or as Margaret Thatcher put it, “You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.” Building a career is a continuous process.

Many years ago, a colleague of mine called me to tell me that he'd been following the arc of my career. (I had made sure to inform him—via email, in this case—every time I published an article, added a client, had a speaking engagement, ...

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