Adam Baratz

Adam is a director of engineering at Wayfair, where he’s led product and platform teams. He’s written on technology for the Boston Globe and Ars Technica

Chapter 63, Own the Narrative

Akash Bhalla

Akash started his career as a software developer in 2007, and over the past 12 years has been fortunate to work with various teams around the globe in organizations of varying size and purpose, from helping two-person startups in Chicago, to time spent working with UNICEF in Uganda, to working as a coach and trainer in Bangalore. Since returning to London, Akash has had an opportunity to concentrate his skills on solving some of the nontechnical and organizational/structural problems faced by technical teams. As Director of Engineering at Wefarm, he is focused on building an inclusive and rewarding culture while meeting the needs of a scaling business and organization.

Chapter 41, How to Be Discerning Without Being Invalidating

Chapter 79, Six Tips for a New Manager

Alicia Liu

Alicia has more than a decade of experience in early-stage startups, building web and mobile apps from the ground up. Alicia was the vice president of engineering at Nava, the first public-benefit corporation to be a federal prime contractor, working with US government agencies to modernize digital services and infrastructure. Previously, Alicia was the CTO of, helping people form better habits through behavior design and personal coaching.

Chapter 46, Interviewing Engineers: ...

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