Chapter 7. Playing with Wi-Fi Gadgets

In this chapter

  • Where is Wi-Fi going?

  • Wi-Fi and digital photos

  • Wi-Fi and home entertainment systems

  • Wi-Fi in the kitchen

  • Using Wi-Fi voice badge systems

  • A proposed Wi-Fi irrigation system

  • Game consoles and Wi-Fi

Ubiquitous Wi-Fi: Imagine a future in which wireless connectivity is everywhere. Wi-Fi connects your computers, printers, refrigerators, home entertainment systems, burglar alarms, and more. This imagined future is very real and is just around the corner. But it's not quite here yet: Some of these applications are still the province of bleeding-edge people for whom technology is a hobby. These people want the latest and greatest. They want to have it first, and are willing to go to great lengths to be ...

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