Chapter 20. Working with Review Sessions

Throughout this book, I address the use of PDFs on the Web, and in several chapters, I've talked about As I discussed in Chapter 7, you can download selected Web pages or entire Web sites and have all the HTML pages converted to PDF. In Chapter 11, I talked about sharing PDF Portfolios on

Coming ahead in Chapter 26, I talk about Web conferencing and sharing files. In Chapter 27, I talk about eBooks and downloading eBooks; in Chapter 31, I talk about submitting form data to; and in other chapters you find similar discussions on Acrobat PDFs hosted online and using the new sharing services provided via In short, the Web plays a major role with much of your Acrobat activity.

This chapter builds on information covered in Chapter 19 where I discussed using the commenting tools, menus, and Comments List panel. In this chapter I cover commenting through Attach for Email Review and Send for Shared Review on, which are, again, other uses for PDFs and the Internet.

Creating an Attach for Email Review

The abundant number of comment tools, properties, and menu commands are nothing more than overkill if all you want to do is add some note comments on PDF pages for your own use. Acrobat is designed with much more sophistication when it comes to commenting, and the tools provided to you are intended ...

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