CHAPTER 11Unlocking ChatGPT Tips and Tricks

This chapter explains some unique and powerful hidden tips and tricks to help you master the prompt engineering process as a project manager. These settings are suitable for all the prompt examples in Chapter 10, “Prompt Engineering for Project Managers,” and can be tailored to meet your specific inquiries.

Table 11.1: ChatGPT Tips and Tricks

New task or new chat? If you are in the same chat and want to start over from scratch with a prompt so the chat does not remember how you trained it, type “Reset the chat.” Otherwise, open a new chat. However, it is recommended to start a new chat to ensure that your request is met. Type: “Reset the chat”
Readable prompt To make your prompt more readable, press Shift+Enter to start a new line. Hello Project Management World! <white space> How are you?
White space Be cautious when you use white space in your writing. Excessive or unconventional use of white space can potentially affect how the model interprets the text. “Why is formatting important?” Each word is separated by a new line, which is unconventional for standard business writing.
Quotes Including quotes in your prompt can provide context and clarify the meaning of specific words or phrases. This helps ChatGPT understand your intended meaning more accurately. Type: “Act as a senior project manager. You are required to create a ‘Benefits Realization Card’ for a retail company's project ...

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