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Amp Up Your Sales

Book Description

Salespeople today face a fast-paced and increasingly crowded marketplace where meaningful product differentiation has all but disappeared. To compete successfully, sellers must set themselves apart in the eyes of buyers. Amp Up Your Sales shows anyone how to become the trusted sales professional who consistently wins new business.

Customers are overloaded with information, overwhelmed by options, and short on time—so the salesperson who is always responsive and completely focused on value, is the one who will stand out from the crowd and get the sale. Combining leading-edge research with field experience, the book shows readers how to:

Maximize the value of their selling • Accelerate responsiveness to build trust and credibility • Earn valuable selling time with customers • Shape the buyer’s vision • Integrate persuasive stories into their sales process • Build lasting relationships through follow-up and customer service

Insightful and practical, the book arms salespeople with a powerful set of strategies they can use to spur buyers to say yes!

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Foreword
  6. Introduction
  7. PART ONE Simplifying Your Selling
    1. 1 What Is Selling?
    2. 2 Understanding Your Selling Process
    3. 3 Balancing Selling and Buying
    4. 4 The Mechanics of Decision Making
    5. 5 The Ratio of Planning to Action
    6. 6 Earning Selling Time
    7. 7 Being the Seller Your Customers Need
    8. 8 Simplifying Your Selling
    9. 9 Winning the Sale
  8. PART TWO Accelerating Your Responsiveness
    1. 10 The Speed of Responsiveness
    2. 11 The New Sales Funnel
    3. 12 Accelerating Your Responsiveness
    4. 13 The Power of the First Perception
  9. PART THREE Monitoring and Troubleshooting
    1. 14 Delivering Maximum Value
    2. 15 Visualizing Value
    3. 16 The Peak/End Rule of Sales
    4. 17 Delivering Value with Peak/End Selling
    5. 18 Shaping the Buying Vision
    6. 19 Being 1 Percent Better Is Enough
    7. 20 Making Your Selling Memorable
  10. PART FOUR Growing Through Follow-Up
    1. 21 The Simplest Strategy for Growth
    2. 22 The No-Lead-Left-Behind Sales Process
    3. 23 Standing Out by Following Up
  11. PART FIVE Amp Up Your Prospecting
    1. 24 To Cold Call or Not to Cold Call
    2. 25 Doing What It Takes to Succeed
    3. 26 Sell More: The Difference Between Activity and Prospecting
    4. 27 Being Worth a Second Call
    5. 28 Practicing Value-Based Persistence
  12. PART SIX Qualification: Doing More with Less
    1. 29 Are You Selling to the Right Customers?
    2. 30 The Bulletproof Qualification Process
    3. 31 Qualifying on Price and Value
    4. 32 Objections and Qualification
    5. 33 Building a Productive Pipeline
  13. PART SEVEN Mastering Stories That Sell
    1. 34 Becoming an Effective Content Curator and Provider
    2. 35 Four Questions to Build Compelling Sales Stories
    3. 36 Are Your Stories Worth Repeating?
    4. 37 Integrating Stories into Your Selling Process
  14. PART EIGHT Selling Through Customer Service
    1. 38 Selling and Service
    2. 39 The Most Important Sales Call
    3. 40 Building Customer Relationships That Last
  15. Index
  16. About the Author
  17. Free Sample Chapter from New Sales Simplified by Mike Weinberg