I am grateful to Jenny McCall, the commissioning editor, for her interest in the project and her support. I should also like to thank Gemma Valler, Amy Webster and their colleagues at John Wiley & Sons for their input in bringing the book to the market.

I should like to thank the Trustees of the IFRS Foundation for permission to cite extracts from IFRS and related literature. I should also like to express my appreciation of the generally sociable and helpful attitude of IASB members and staff during the many days I have spent observing them at work in the Cannon Street offices and elsewhere.

I should like to thank Steve Collings of Leavitt Walmsley Associates for his helpful comments on the first draft of this book. I am also grateful to Philippe Danjou (IASB) for comments on the last chapter. I, of course, remain responsible for errors.

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