15.4. A Complete Example

We spent some time trying to think of an example of a module that uses all the available hooks. At the same time, we spent considerable effort tracking through the innards of Apache to find out what happened when. Then we suddenly thought of writing a module to show what happened when. And, presto, mod_reveal.c was born. This is not a module you'd want to include in a live Apache without modification, since it prints stuff to the standard error output (which ends up in the error log, for the most part). But rather than obscure the main functionality by including code to switch the monitoring on and off, we thought it best to keep it simple. Besides, even in this form the module is very useful; it's presented and explained in this section.

15.4.1. Overview

The module implements two commands, RevealServerTag and RevealTag. RevealServerTag names a server section and is stored in the per-server configuration. RevealTag names a directory (or location or file) section and is stored in the per-directory configuration. When per-server or per-directory configurations are merged, the resulting configuration is tagged with a combination of the tags of the two merged sections. The module also implements a handler, which generates HTML with interesting information about a URL.

No self-respecting module starts without a copyright notice:

Reveal the order in which things are done.

Copyright (C) 1996, 1998 Ben Laurie

Note that the included http_protocol.h is ...

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