Configuring UART ports

Programs such as addTwoNums call the SER_GetChar() and SER_PutChar() functions to output ASCII characters to a terminal. The Retarget.c file redefines the fgetc() and fputc() functions, which, in turn, call SER_GetChar() and SER_PutChar(). These low-level functions illustrate some important I/O models that we'll explore using a program that checks if a string entered is a palindrome (for example, radar, civic, and level are palindromes). We'll call this recipe palindrome_c3v0.

How to do it…

Follow the steps outlined to configure UART ports:

  1. Create a project named palindrome; use the RTE manager to configure the board as we did for addTwoNums_c3v0 folder, in the Performing arithemetic operations recipe.
  2. Create a file named ...

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