Series Preface

Automotive power transmission systems are critical elements of any automobile. The ability to transmit power from the engine of a vehicle to the rest of the drive train is of primary importance. Furthermore, the design of power transmission systems is of critical importance to the overall vehicle system performance, as it affects not only performance characteristics such as torque and acceleration, but it also directly affects fuel efficiency and emissions. The power transmission system also presents one of the most complex design tasks in the overall automotive systems design and integration because it must interface with a variety of power plants such as internal combustion, electric, and hybrid plants. This is further complicated by the fact that engineers must consider a variety of transmission designs such as manual, automatic, and continuously variable systems. Furthermore, all of these elements must be condensed into the smallest, lightest package possible while functioning under significant loads over long periods of time.

Automotive Power Transmission Systems presents a thorough discussion of the various concepts that must be considered when designing a power transmission system. The book begins with an excellent discussion of how a transmission is designed by matching the engine output and the vehicle performance via proper transmission ratio selection. It then proceeds to discuss the basics of manual transmission and the analysis and design of essential ...

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