Chapter 16

Ten Problems (and Solutions) for Newbies

The community forums and Web pages for Blender are brimming with questions from new users. Many of them are the same question, or derivatives of the same question. The purpose of this chapter is to identify some of the most common ones and give you solutions to them so that you don't have to dig through these websites (unless you really, really want to).

Blender's Interface Is Weird or Glitchy

Blender uses OpenGL, an accelerated 3D programming library, for its entire interface. Because of the extensive use of OpenGL (and some rather old versions of it), Blender often uses parts of the library that other programs may never touch. Depending what video card you have in your computer, the drivers for that card may not effectively implement these little-used library features that Blender needs.

On some machines, Blender may run very slowly, or you may see weird screen glitches around the mouse pointer or menus. The first thing to check is the drivers for your video card. Go to the website for the manufacturer of your video card to see whether any updates are available.

Image You may want to turn off any fancy effects that your operating system adds, such as transparent windows, shadows on the mouse cursor, or 3D desktop effects. Because all these little bits of ...

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