Brilliant Body Language

Book Description

Take your communication skills to a whole new level and understand what people really think and feel.

What is said is often not what is meant, yet most of us don’t know how to ‘read between the lines’. Something like an astounding 70% of communication is non-verbal! If you want to be persuasive, build rapport, create a positive impression – be an all-round brilliant and effective communicator – Brilliant Body Language is essential reading.


Written by a psychologist with extensive experience helping people hone their interpersonal skills, this book will show you how to read and understand the intricacies of body language and teach you how to use your own body language to get the best out of all your relationships – in life and at work.


You will gain:

  • A thorough background in body language – how to read it, how to use it.
  • The ability to know how to establish rapport instantly.
  •  The ability to influence and persuade others with ease.
  • An understanding what people really think and feel.


Product Information

  • Title: Brilliant Body Language
  • Author(s): Max Eggert
  • Release date: October 2010
  • Publisher(s): Prentice Hall
  • ISBN: 9780273740742